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About Hardesty PI

Experienced   Professional   Confidential

With 25 years of law enforcement and police administration experience, Hardesty Private Investigations has a unique skill-set ready to put to use for our clients by utilizing our long list of contacts, resources and tools of the trade. Our focus at Hardesty PI is to provide excellent customer service and response time; keeping you and your client’s best interests in mind while utilizing discretion. 


We provide professional, ethical and confidential service. Our network of technical experts and highly trained investigators puts decades of law enforcement experience to work for you.


Hardesty Private Investigations utilizes the latest cutting edge technology and techniques to gather detailed information about individuals and situations with 100% confidentiality and reliable results. We provide around the clock support to help provide in-depth and detailed evidence with state of the art equipment and secured files.


We are fully licensed and insured, with specialists in all aspects of investigation and undercover work.  Visit our "SERVICES" page for complete details. 

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