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With over 20 years of hands on Law Enforcement and Police Administration experience, Hardesty Private Investigations knows what it takes to get the answers you need. Our team of specially trained investigative professionals provides a wide range of services, with absolute integrity and complete discretion, offering the highest level of service available today.
Criminal Defense 

To build the best defense for your client, you need verifiable facts that may include the initial police investigation, public record searches, locating and interviewing witnesses, and preparing detailed reports to support your case.


With over 20 years in Law Enforcement, the Hardesty PI team excels’ at uncovering the truth and locating the information you need to effectively present your case.



Surveillance assists in obtaining evidence and is conducted in addition to other investigative methods. Surveillance can take place in a particular setting or “on the move” and can involve one person or a team. Video and pictures are captured to outline a course of events and can be used as evidence in a civil or criminal dispute. Our investigators use state of the art equipment and the most effective methods. Surveillance can be used in virtually any investigation; but it is the experience of the investigator that makes the difference in the value of evidence obtained.


Hardesty PI has a proven track record of successful undercover operations with results for our clients. We perform covert undercover operations that get you the results you seek.

Background /
Pre Employment Check

Are you a business owner or hiring manager?


Make a better informed decision about who you with Pre Employment Checks and Drug Testing.


Doing a pre check and drug test can educe the risk of hiring individuals with a history of violence, theft, and ther problems that may interfere with their employment.


Workman's Comp Investigations

Are you a business concerned about workers compensation fraud or an employee who has not been compensated for your injury?


Hardesty PI can help determine the facts with case research, conducting interviews, providing surveillance, gathering evidence and conducting background checks and record searches with evidence to support the claim.




Hardesty PI has the resources and experience for the most complex cases. Our highly trained investigators are familiar with the court room, rules of evidence and the law.


With state-of-the-art surveillance equipment we obtain sensitive information, competently and discreetly, so that you can effectively and efficiently prepare your case.




In addition to offering digital forensics including cell phone extraction and cellphone spyware, Hardesty Private Investigations offers forensics services including
DNA, fingerprint and trace evidence capture.

Forensics can be used to solve

  • Criminal defense

  • Paternity/domestics

  • Corporate/Internal Investigations and a variety of other types of cases



You suspect that your spouse is having an affair, you’ve imagined the scenarios, revisited the conversations and you’ve asked yourself all the questions. Now, you want concrete proof that’s discreet private. We understand that the concerns about your spouse’s infidelity are likely having a devastating effect on your daily life. That’s why, when you call us, you will speak with a private investigator who is patient, kind, and compassionate. Our investigator will take the time to explain every step of the process, so you can feel better and start to take control of your future. 


Many times, we collect the proof needed to confirm an affair the first time we go out. During your initial consultation, we’ll help you:


• Examine the signs leading you to believe that your spouse is cheating

• Inspect any evidence you have gathered

• Develop a personalized plan of action


Our team will seek out the truth, while making the entire investigative process as easy as possible for you.

Internal Investigations

Workplace/HR Internal Investigations Employee problems come in all shapes and sizes such as complaints of sexual harassment, employee theft, workplace accidents, and employee sabotage. Many times resulting in lost time and productivity and lawsuits. When problems happen, they rarely are clearly defined or easily resolved. Our investigators are experienced in conducting internal investigations, keeping in mind the employee contract and employee rights. A fair and comprehensive investigation will be conducted with proper documentation.


Because workplace disputes often have personal importance to the employees involved, their individual perceptions can be shaded; especially when disputes may impact their livelihood. Supervisors can be too close to the employees involved or to the situation in order to be objective. Employers must find a way to objectively investigate and determine what really happened. Hardesty PI can be an employer’s best friend in many cases, by acting as that objective outside agent.


Traffic Accident

As a follow up the initial investigation, our staff is able to assist the client with further analysis and investigation. Understanding the dynamics involved in a vehicle crash is paramount in reconstructing the event. Those activities may include:


  • Speed determination

  • Time-distance-velocity calculations

  • Critical speed analysis

  • “Who was driving” determination

  • Human factor application

  • Drive response to the situation

  • Visibility assessment

  • Accident Cause evaluation

  • Computer-aided reconstruction



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